Screw you…buddy?

I stared at the computer screen and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Surely it was wrong? This couldn’t be real? But as I stood there, letting the cold, hard reality sink in, I knew it was true. 2012 was a tough year for a lot of people online. After spending months, if not years, […]

Special invitation…

Hey, We wanted to give you a quick update on how some of our Power Profit Platform students have been doing with the software. Below is a message from my student John…. “Wow…wow…wow I’m lost for words Anthony my profit is showing no signs of slowing down. Yesterday was my biggest profit to date and […]

Here’s a secret of an “evergreen” hot market

Hi, I want to share with you a secret… There’s a goldmine niche on the internet that will never be obsolete. There will ALWAYS be buyers. And existing buyers will continue to buy and “give” you money. This is probably the most rabid buying niche on the internet… It’s none other than the internet marketing […]